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Keynote Testimonials


Feedback following delivery of “Restless Curiosity” keynote at Kier Construction “Back to Work” conference:

“Thanks for today. I thought it went really well. Your session really tied in with the message of the day and helped make it a success overall.”
Gavin Jones, Production Manager, Kier Highways I Major Projects I  Working on behalf of the Highways England

“John: everyone I spoke to really enjoyed your presentation! Very thought provoking!”
Natalie Thomas, Planner, Kier Highways I Major Projects  Working on behalf of the Highways England

“I thought your input yesterday was just at the right pitch in terms of interest, humour, and message.”
David Wild, Handover, Quality, and Improvement Manager, Kier Highways I Major Projects

“I found your material very engaging and on point and the material landed with the varied audience very well.”
Luke McInerney, Programme Manager | Major Projects | Highways England


“Thank you so much for your great contribution to the HEBCoN conference last week; immediate feedback has been absolutely fantastic. Your morning presentation chimed exceed lay well with Ian McKechnie’s on sales and persuasion which was very satisfying. As Chair of HEBCoN I was encouraging members to look at the problems of promoting business continuity from a different angle and your presentation on ‘Restless curiosity’ put the day into perspective. Your after dinner speech was a great success too with folk still talking about it over breakfast. Many many thanks!”
Michael Stephens, Head, Safety, Security and Resilience, Medical Research Council.  Conference Chair, HEBCoN

Thank you for your presentations at our recent conference in Malaga. From the feedback forms both the conference keynote on creativity and your after-dinner speech went down very well. Once again thank you for a truly wonderful couple of presentations.
Jeff Whiteway, Managing Director, Oyez Straker Office Supplies

Just wanted to extend my thanks again for your presentation on Creative thinking at our away day yesterday. Business Directorate colleagues thought you were brilliant! Everyone had a great day and most suggest it was the best away day ever. Hopefully, you will get repeat business from it too!    Louise Holliday, Bioscience Cluster Lead, Yorkshire Forward

I very much enjoyed your “Restless Curiosity” speech  to close our Town Hall gathering in Brighton yesterday– thank you! Lots of food for thought and a different way to think about the world and how our brains work.
Dan Stewart, Senior Business Development Manager, MetLife

Just a note to say a huge thank you for yesterday! It was fantastic and just what we wanted – I think you could gather from the applause that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it; you don’t often get that sort of response at a service provider’s conference I can tell you!!! The whole day was thoroughly successful, very very positive and we had so many positive outcomes from it we were practically overwhelmed. Thank you!
Val Lewis, Community ICT Advisor, Switch on Shropshire

Just a quick note to say thanks again for your speech to our Head Office staff in Rotterdam last Thursday. It was a real pleasure to see you in action again, and hitting all the right hot spots. It was a very successful evening for EyeOpeners, and also Logistics – clear evidence since that we knocked down some barriers! Thanks and sincere best wishes.
Peter Ward, Director Europe, P & O Nedlloyd Logistics

Thank you for a great performance as our guest presenter at the Graham sales conference in Huddersfield last Thursday afternoon. You left the place absolutely buzzing! The Graham people were very impressed with the amount of Triton detail you put into your presentation (as was I). We succeeded with our objective to be factual, entertaining and memorable.   Trevor Applegate, Sales Director, Triton Showers

John: Let me first thank you for your great contribution to our Worldwide Managers Conference in Geneva – all feedback received from your five workshops on Staff Motivation has been excellent! You added a lot of value and I am thankful that I was able to convince you to come and join us and to lead the workshops.
Daniel Dannenmann, Vice President Global Training, Quality Assurance & Standards, Ramada International Hotels & Resorts

Thank you for an excellent talk. Everyone was “captivated” by you – both your pre-speech tour round the tables and your presentation. People were buzzing about your talk for 24 hours (and still are!). I have recommended you for our other management conference as I want them to hear the same messages. I look forward to seeing you again soon.    Stephen Reynolds, Director of Service Improvement, MHA Homes

from Kent messenger Group Senior Management Conference:
Hi John – thank you for your keynote speech in the “graveyard slot” at our senior managers’ conference! We have had fantastic feedback about your presentation. You went down a storm – I haven’t heard our team laugh so loud as a group before – so many thanks for that!
Amanda Watts, Head of Human Resources, Kent Messenger Group

Hi John
Please find below feedback comments from your presentation from our senior management conference (as you can see it was very well received!). Also attached is the overall feedback summary which will be sent to delegates. Many thanks again.
Melanie Turner, Training Manager, Kent Messenger Group

External speakers: Feedback Summary

KMG Feedback

Comments collated about John Simonett from Kent Messenger Group Delegate Feedback Forms:

“Lively, thought provoking and entertaining”
“Kept everybody interested and made his point actively. It was very enjoyable.”
“Excellent! Bring back next year!”
“Inspiring and motivational.”
“Challenges thinking.”
“Fascinating and mind expanding.”
“Excellent presentation.”
“Highly enjoyable as well as thought provoking.”
“Excellent, thoroughly motivational.”
“Excellent and highly motivational.”
“Funny, clever and very interesting.”
“Re-think all assumptions!”
“Excellent presentation, well done on finding him.”
“Made me ask questions of myself and really think about what my KM’s purpose is.”
“Excellent! I loved every minute. Proves humour is extremely important in work.”
“Made you think and kept the day on a high.”
“Super – very thought provoking.”
“Excellent, very motivational.”
“Good interaction, lively.”
“Very different!!”
“Fantastic! Interactive without pressure or embarrassment, time went really quickly.”
“Very entertaining.”
“Excellent stimulation.”
“Off the seat stuff! Brilliant, very absorbing.”
“Highly amusing and thought provoking”
“Good fun but also useful.”
“An excellent presentation – enjoyed it!”
“Intelligent delivery.”
“Fantastic session – highly amusing, great speaker.”
“Great approach, good interaction, very interesting.”
“Very entertaining – can he join our monthly team meetings?”
“Entertaining and opens your mind. Challenging status quo.”
“All aspects interesting, relevant – and fun”

from Gleneagles Investment Forum hosted by Scottish Widows
Delegate Feedback Summary: External Speakers (marks out of 5)
John Simonett 4.75
B. C.   4.35
C. M.  4.25
P. S.   3.70
(other speaker names removed)

Delegate comments: What was the highlight of the conference?
“Aside from the group shooting, John Simonett presentation was first class”
“Venue itself and John Simonett”
“John Simonett – amazing memory and delivery”
“John Simonett”

Conference Feedback from 10 x 90 minute training seminars entitled “Restless Curiosity” (on Creativity and Innovation) to 800 Lloyds TSB senior management attendees at their in-house “University” in Solihull:

Many thanks once again for a brilliant week. As you know we have had excellent feedback and the event has been another success – a great high to finish the year!  Sharon Blake, Developing Managers & Leaders, University for Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB Delegate comments:
Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent presentation at yesterday’s LTSB Management workshop. I found your delivery style and approach very refreshing, and thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Geoff Mifflin, Manager, CCSU, LTSB Asset Finance Division

John, Thanks for a great presentation last week – to keep peoples interest for 1¾ hours is pretty skilful!
Hector Young, Smartsourcing Manager, Lloyds TSB Bank plc

Hi John: Firstly can I thank you for a terrific presentation last Friday. I find it really valuable to get an external perspective and relate this to the work I do with LTSB. It’s refreshing to think there are a number of small changes anyone can make that could have a big impact in the job they do.
Chris McNeill, Customer Development Manager, LTSB

John, I was at your Lloyds TSB event on creativity in Leadership last week and wondered if you could forward a copy of your slides? (Thoroughly enjoyed your session by the way!) Lynne Swash, Manager, Network Communications, LTSB

John: Firstly let me start by saying how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Lloyds TSB Leadership Development Week. It was both thought provoking and entertaining. I was also wondering if it is possible to have a copy of your slides.
Tracey Williamson, Regulated Sales Development Manager, LTSB

John: I attended last Friday’s session at the University for LTSB and was hoping that you could send me the slides that you used. Thoroughly enjoyable by the way! Andreas Subryan, Strategic Planning Manager, LloydsTSB autolease

Hi John: I attended one of the LTSB seminars at the Solihull management college in June, (very good by the way) would you kindly send me a copy of the presentation? Kevin Eynon, Delivery Manager, Distribution Customer & Sales, LTSB

Feedback to Booking Agent following John’s 9 a.m. opening keynote speech “Restless Curiosity” on Creative Thinking at a User Group conference:

John ensured the conference got off to an incredible start with a presentation that had the 200 delegates spellbound, fascinated and crying with laughter. Feedback was brilliant and many will be using some of his techniques in their own training roles. As always you have never let me down. Each recommendation proving to exceed all previous, but this is a hard act to follow!
Peter Fry, Chief Executive, CCTV User Group

and from audience members at the same conference:

Thank you for the most enthralling, informative and interactive opening to one of our conferences ever. Excellent. I am a Past-Chairman and I received nothing but praise for your presentation. David White, AVIDD Consulting

Thank you for a very entertaining and informative opening session at the conference – everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it. It was certainly the most stimulating presentation I have seen…. Martyn Powell, New Forest District Council

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the CCTV Conference in the Cotswolds last week. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I want to pinch some bits of it for a workshop that I am going to be running on the Island in December! Simon Dennis, Operations Manager, Isle of Wight Council

John, having heard you for the first time, I enjoyed it tremendously and hope to hear you speak again soon. Stuart Cannings, Nottingham CCTV

Testimonials from conference organisers:

From letter to booking agent:
Thanks for organising John for our Seminar last week. He was excellent with just the right amount of humour – kept the audience interested the whole time. The ability to engage with all the audience is a remarkable skill. I’d certainly be happy to recommend him for the future.   Steve Henson, AB Insurance Group

Thank you so much for a wonderful speech at our conference last week. It really was both entertaining and motivating in equal measure.
As you found on leaving, the response from the staff has been wholly positive and it proved the perfect end to a demanding day. My sincere thanks for all your help in making the day such a success.
Ian Harrold, Managing Director, Harrold Opticians

I’m writing on behalf of the President to pass on his thanks and also to pass on the numerous accolades that I have received about your performance at our Heads of Faculties conference – you were truly terrific! Not only did you manage to strike exactly the right tone (admittedly not always easy with a large group of senior academics!) but the message whilst pertinent was delivered in an imaginative and humorous manner – which made it all the more enjoyable.
Dr Jacqueline Henshaw, Office of the President & Vice-Chancellor, Manchester University

Thank you so much for all the hard work and preparation you put into your session at our senior management away day. Feedback so far has been very positive – a wide variety of words have been used to describe you – all very good!
Lynne Milne, North Lanarkshire Council

Dear John, Thank you for a tremendous couple of performances on Friday. The morning session on Presentation Skills for our regional Presidents was extremely well received and the participants have said that we should continue our relationship with you so that we can have similar sessions in the future. The evening session for 350 diners has gone down with everyone as the best after-dinner speech that they have attended. Well deserved. When I met you in Aberdeen I was of the same view and it’s always good when a recommendation works in a different situation. The amount of work you put into each presentation is impressive and certainly yielded great benefit for all.
Richard Glenister, Director General, Pipeline Industries Guild

I just wanted to thank you for working with us on the Power 100 breakfast. Your professionalism and attention to detail really makes you stand out and you helped us to deliver a great event. It was very enjoyable and personally motivating for me to be involved with someone so passionate about his work.   Julie Brown, Manager Support Services, Eastern Daily Press

and from letter to booking agent: Hi Alan, I just wanted to say John was first class today. What a dedicated, professional and passionate speaker. He helped us deliver a great event. Your recommendation was spot on!
Julie Brown, Manager Support Services, Eastern Daily Press

Thank you for being such a great speaker at the Power 100 event. The feedback so far has been really good, and everyone has said how much they enjoyed your talk and found it thought provoking and refreshing. I really hope we can work together again, and if we hold our conference next year, I shall definitely be suggesting to the boss that we include you! Jo Hill, Manager, Real Estate, Bank of Scotland Corporate

Just a note to say I thoroughly enjoyed your “presentation” – it was fascinating to see a true master at work, someone at the peak of his craft. What I found particularly interesting was how much you seemed to be enjoying it yourself, that seems so important to me and would be the reason I would seriously consider speaking more, I do enjoy doing it. As to the conference itself, you really topped the event off and made it complete and nicely rounded for Tarmac, well done.
Allan Trayes, Consultant and fellow conference speaker,
Tarmac Senior Management Conference

Thank you for your participation at our conference at the Belfry – the feedback we have received so far has been great!  Carolyn Kelly, Spring Group plc

And at the same Spring Group conference, from fellow speaker:
Your presentation was by far the best I have ever seen and just my luck to have to follow you!! Your delivery and engagement of the audience were brilliant!
Neil Laughton, Director, Office Projects Ltd.

Feedback from conference delegate, following keynote speech as “corporate impostor”  – introduced as “Compliance Director of the Health and Safety Executive”!

Dear John,
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again for one of the funniest presentations – for it was a lot more than a speech – that it has been my privilege and pleasure to witness. It was fantastic! I was absolutely “hooked” on the wrong line with your opening ……then the relief as you revealed your true self and gave an outstanding performance with amusement and entertainment containing so many core management messages for the assembled audience. Believe me when I say it takes a lot to keep the SAPCA Crowd quiet and so enthralled as you clearly did on Monday. It really was mesmerising at times and I would be grateful to know where I can access some of the photographs and other images you used as I just know my colleagues in the office will not believe me if I attempted to tell them about what I had seen! Roger Davis, SAPCA delegate

“Thank you for your splendid contribution to the Database Marketing Seminar. The day was just beginning to drift into that familiar conference tedium when you stepped out to smack the audience between the eyes – it transformed the day. The whole lunchtime atmosphere bubbled when it could have been quiet.”
Russell Logan, Conference Chairman, British Direct Marketing Association

A personal thank you for your presentation at our Financial Managers Association lunch. From the feedback received you were very well received by the attendees. Please forward a copy of your presentation so we can develop an article for our newsletter and place it on our website for members to access. Thank you for making the overall event such a success. Your memory was the main talking point among attendees at the end of the programme!
David Bowen, Head of Finance Skills Development, Healthcare Financial Managers Association

Just wanted to say thank you for a great speech and presentation yesterday, we had a number of people comment on how informative and entertaining it was and we all really enjoyed it!   Natalie Tomprefa, MetLife

John – really good to meet you today and thanks for your excellent session, that rounded off a really good day for us in Sales.
John Power, Business Director, MetLife

Twitter Feedback:
Many thanks to our fantastic guest speaker @JohnSimonett for his inspirational talk at our Star Awards, we all enjoyed the celebrations! Retweeted by John Simonett

and from the CBA (Chemical Business Association) Conference 2014:
RT @SurfachemMD excellent presentation by @JohnSimonett on creativity & innovation at Chemical Business Assn
RT @NataliaMcD Engaging presentation by @JohnSimonett, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended #CBA #chemicals #conference Wow!
RT @HughesAfhughes @JohnSimonett great presentation yesterday at CBA conference @ashornehill Thought provoking & good fun.

and live tweets during my Keynote at TBTC2014:
@thebiztravmag ‏Off to a lively start with @JohnSimonett on the theme of ‘restless curiosity’. #tbtc14
@thebiztravmag A few clever mind games being played on us here by @JohnSimonett who warns us that our brains are primed to deceive us! #tbtc14
@thebiztravmag Our cognitive biases are dangerous things, warns @JohnSimonett who’s proved that very adeptly with a series of optical illusions! #tbtc14
@thebiztravmag: Avoid ‘complacency of success’: adopt, adapt and improve. It’s not necessarily about new ideas said John Simonett in his keynote. #tbtc14

If you’d like John to encourage your delegates to adopt his “Restless Curiosity” mindset – to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – please call him to discuss your event!

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