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Why John Simonett?

John will let his clients provide the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about him!

Q: Is he Entertaining and “Funny”?
A: “We have used many showbiz ‘names’ at our various conferences and I can honestly say that in my 15 years with the company I don’t think anybody has entertained us more effectively or humorously than yourself.”
Ian Pritchard, Trade Marketing Manager, Elida Faberge

Q: Is he suitable for a business audience? (John only speaks at business events)
A: “Thanks for your considerable contribution to the success of our recent open day. You were an absolute knock-out with our guests, combining humour with on-message business observations.”
John Swain, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Plasmor

Q: Is he a “Safe Pair of Hands” at an important event?
A: “When the people in the room are your own community you tend to focus all the more on ensuring the meeting achieves all it’s objectives. Despite all the conferences and major events I have been involved with, this one bothered me more! However knowing you were closing the event on our behalf was tremendously reassuring, and all of our expectations were exceeded yet again.”
Gerard Moore, Executive Director, Human Resources, St Jame’s Place

Q: What is his Delivery, Style and Content like?
A: “At our annual dinner for 450 people, the star was undoubtedly John Simonett who I had not heard speak before. He gave one of the most dazzling displays I have ever witnessed – fluency beyond belief, humourous, attention grabbing and holding, and his ability to memorize dozens of names of people in the audience was astonishing!”
Mike Rainey, The Insurance Institute of Southampton

“A good speaker treats the audience as friends in his living room, and that was just how it seemed last night. This being your third appearance those of us who have ‘experienced’ you before thought we knew what to expect, but I think it is right to say that you excelled and surpassed previous occasions. If I have any influence, you will one day be invited to come down again to provide us with more laughter, intrigue and friendship.”
Nigel Hook, Secretary, The Insurance Institute of Exeter

“I’m writing on behalf of the President to pass on his thanks and also to pass on the numerous accolades that I have received about your performance at our Heads of Faculties conference – you were truly terrific! Not only did you manage to strike exactly the right tone (admittedly not always easy with a large group of senior academics!) but the message whilst pertinent was delivered in an imaginative and humorous manner – which made it all the more enjoyable.”
Dr Jacqueline Henshaw, Office of the President & Vice-Chancellor, Manchester University

Q: Is he “professional” in what he does?
A: “I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the Island to speak at the dinner last week. It was as always very professional and completely entertaining.”
Lilian Boyle, Manx Insurance Association

Q: Is he suitable for European or Non-English Speaking Audiences?
A:  Thank you for another wonderful performance last night. It must have been a difficult audience with different nationalities who didn’t all know each other. I thought you pitched it perfectly and my overseas colleagues all told me that their customers had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Nick Rawlings, European Marketing Manager, 3M Healthcare

We are still bemused by your impeccable performance at our European conference dinner. A great many compliments were passes on two counts. Firstly the choice of speaker, and secondly, your consummate skill and personality in crossing the language barriers.
Jill Carr, Secretary, British Office and Stationey Supplies Federation

If you’d like to invite John to garner feedback like the above at your event – please get in touch to discuss how he can help!

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