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Keynote Case Study 9: “The Power of Humour”!

Whisper it quietly …. after a long day in conference – or to wake them up at the start – most audiences would far rather be entertained than sit through another “Death by PowerPoint” presentation!  If the humour can be combined with a “message” – then so much the better. (After all – if they’re laughing – they’re listening!)

Lateral thinking guru Edward de Bono once said that “humour is the exact model for creativity” – and so John’s “Restless Curiosity” Keynote is designed to be not only thought-provoking – but also very funny!

Here’s how his keynote was received at these conferences:

Keynote (1)
Client:  CCTV User Group
Event: Annual conference
Audience: 200 CCTV managers, operators and suppliers
Venue: Four Pillars Hotel, Cotswold Water Park, Cirencester
Brief: To deliver an opening Keynote at 9 a.m. entitled: “Perception v Reality: How False Assumptions Blind Us to the Truth”. (aimed at CCTV professionals who have to monitor, analyse and interpret footage from CCTV cameras)
Feedback: “You ensured the conference got off to an incredible start with a presentation that had the 200 delegates spellbound, fascinated and crying with laughter. Feedback was brilliant and many delegates will be using some of your techniques in their own roles. This is a hard act to follow!”  Peter Fry, Chief Executive, CCTV User Group

and from a delegate: “Thank you for the most enthralling, informative and interactive opening to one of our conferences ever! I have received nothing but praise for your presentation.”  David White, AVIDD Consulting

Keynote (2)
Client: Kent Messenger Group
Event: Senior Management conference
Audience:  100 managers from various KMG publications.
Venue: Conference suite, Canterbury Cathedral (yes The Anglican Church is moving with the times and generating income from the corporate sector!  A fine example of creative thinking!)
Brief: To deliver an invigorating keynote in the graveyard slot after lunch.
Feedback: Hi John – thank you for your keynote speech in the “graveyard slot” at our senior managers’ conference! We have had fantastic feedback about your presentation. You went down a storm – I haven’t heard our team laugh so loud as a group before – so many thanks for that!
Amanda Watts, Head of Human Resources, Kent Messenger Group

You can view delegate comments and a speaker analysis graph from the conference feedback forms on my Keynote Testimonials page.

If you’d like John to energise your conference with humour allied to a powerful message – please call him to discuss your event!

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