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Keynote Case Study 7: Essex Primary Head Teachers Conference

This keynote (which is not for a private sector commercial organisation) is included as John’s message is universal! He has often delivered amended versions of “Restless Curiosity” for Public sector audiences – local government, the NHS, Housing Associations, the Care sector, Business Link and in this example – Education. This event also presented John with some interesting last minute challenges that any speaker must be ready to face!

Client: EPHA (Essex Primary Heads Association)
Venue: 5 Lakes Hotel and Country Club, Colchester
Audience: 120 members of EPHA
Brief: “A different take based around school and HT’s problems – but with humour” (R. Brock – Chair EPHA)
Delivery:  The date was early March – and heavy snow had fallen overnight – which continued during the morning (luckily if John is speaking in the daytime he always stays overnight prior to the event).  All set and ready to present a 45 minute opening keynote at 9.30 John received a phone call in his room saying that the following speaker had been snowed in …  and could he help them out by doing an “an extra 45 minutes to fill in”!  Nothing daunted …  John didn’t hesitate and said yes before trawling his memory bank for extra material and some interactive exercises to fill in the time!

In addition …  he was then informed the heating had broken down and that the delegates were to be asked to wrap up warm! So John was faced with occupying an audience of 120 Head Teachers for 90 minutes – with everyone wearing their winter coats, gloves, scarves and woolly hats – and the condensation from everyone’s breath rising like mist in the air! Luckily everyone saw the funny side and John soon had them laughing, listening – and thinking!

You can read my blog post about coping with the above HERE!

Feedback: comments from the post event analysis form:

“John saved a poor start to the conference due to weather, heating problems and no show speakers! He was very clued up as to what we wanted and very entertaining, and certainly met our requirements and beyond. Not only was his presentation excellent, but so was his attitude to his “client”. He was extremely civil, amenable and very pleasant. His impact on the audience was huge.”
Ruth Brock, Head Teacher and Chair, EPHA

Wow thanks Ruth! Glad I was able to rise to the challenge!

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