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Keynote Case Study 5: Combining a Keynote with an After-Dinner Speech

John is able to deliver a daytime keynote – and follow this with an after-dinner speech at the evening dinner. While both are “entertaining”, they are very different in content and style. (This idea is explored further under the Case Study heading “Doubling Up”).

Here’s an example:

Client: HEBCoN (Higher Education Business Continuity)
Event: Annual conference
Venue: Weetwood Hall, Leeds
Audience: 90 – consisting of University and H.E. professionals tasked with contingency planning, risk management and ensuring readiness for disruptive events.
a) To deliver a thought-provoking opening keynote focusing on creative thinking and how it could be applied to promoting and managing business continutiy in their institutions.
b) to deliver an entertaining after-dinner speech in the evening.

“Thank you so much for your great contribution to the HEBCoN conference last week; immediate feedback has been absolutely fantastic. Your morning presentation chimed exceedingly well with Ian McKechnie’s on sales and persuasion which was very satisfying. As Chair of HEBCoN I was encouraging members to look at the problems of promoting business continuity from a different angle and your presentation on ‘Restless Curiosity’ put the day into perspective.

Your after dinner speech was a great success too with folk still talking about it over breakfast. Many many thanks.
Michael Stephens’ Head, Safety, Security and Resilience
Medical Research Council

If you’d like John to multi-task and not only encourage delegates to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – but also entertain them after-dinner – then please call him to discuss your event!

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