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Keynote Case Study 3: “Effective Management and the Creative Mindset”

Client:  North Lanarkshire Roads Department
Audience: 40 senior managers
Event: senior management away day
Venue: Airdrie Football stadium conference suite
Brief: to deliver a keynote focusing on ways to think creatively about key management issues as identified by staff surveys, and to develop solutions based on facilitated discussion and shared ideas. John flew to Glasgow for a pre-event meeting with the conference organisers to devise a programme in keeping with the aims of the event.

Feedback: The in-house magazine reported the event  as follows: “The Keynote Speaker for the day was John Simonett – a uniquely entertaining motivational speaker.  His thought-provoking address, entitled: “Restless Curiosity: Effective Management and the Creative Mindset” kept delegates on the ege of their seats…. So impressed were we with John’s session that we booked him again for the Super Vision event in early December….”

Delegates were asked to sum up John’s contribution in one word – these included “Pointed” “Brilliant” “Challenging” “Fascinating” and “Inspiring”!

Restless Curiosity  NLC0001


Footnote: John was kept on his toes after reading this comment from the previous year’s conference ….  where in answer to a question asking what type of speaker they would like in future, one delegate had put: “speakers who are relevant, current and practical – with no platitudes and tired clichés, and no corporate mumbo jumbo or flavour of the month management gobbledegook…..”!

What great advice for any speaker!  (Which made the positive feedback even more gratifying!)

If you’d like John to run a multi-phase event to encourage your staff to adopt his “Restless Curiosity” mindset – to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – please call him to discuss your event!

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