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Keynote Case Studies: Improving Customer Service and Staff Motivation

Case Study 1
Best Western Hotel Group (West Midlands)
Event:  Training day focusing on customer service/Staff Motivation
Audience: Managers and front-line staff from Midlands based hotels in the Best Western Group
Venue: Moor Hall Best Western Hotel, Sutton Coldfield
Brief: To devise a programme to encourage staff to improve customer service as a key differentiator.
Delivery: John’s involvement was in four phases:

i) 1 hr opening keynote on creativity and idea generation. This was interactive and lively to set the tone for the following sessions.

ii) Facilitating breakout groups tasked to examine current practice to see where improvements could be made, and to brainstorm new ideas to “amaze and delight” customers.

iii) Leading a plenary session where each group presented their ideas, and deciding which were worthy of follow up and possible implementation.

iv) Collating the results – and most importantly of all – after the conference sending an “action plan” to the manager of each hotel listing the agreed new practices with a time scale for implementation. John followed up by calling each Hotel Manager after 6 weeks to check if they had in fact made the changes – and if they had worked!

To view the final summary and action plan for each Hotel – see  BestWestern Summary

This multi-phase format has been used many times with other clients (e.g. Charter Group Accountants, Oyez Straker Office Supplies, Allianz, Ramada Hotels) and is a good way of stimulating managers and staff of generate their own ideas – and be held to account by John to implement them!

Case Study 2:
Client: Ramada International Hotels and Resorts
Event: Worldwide Managers Conference
Venue: Ramada Encore, La Praille, Geneva
Audience: 150 General Managers from the worldwide Ramada portfolio
Brief: To present an interactive workshop focusing on ways to improve staff motivation
Delivery: 5 x 90 minute sessions with 30 delegates analysing motivation theory – followed by small group breakouts discussing practical ways to implement the theory. This was followed by a plenary session (facilitated by John) to share ideas.  All ideas were collated and circulated after the conference.
Feedback: “John: Let me first thank you for your great contribution to our Worldwide Managers Conference in Geneva – all feedback received from your five workshops on Staff Motivation has been excellent! You added a lot of value and I am thankful that I was able to convince you to come and join us and to lead the workshops.”
Daniel Dannenmann, Vice President Global Training, Quality Assurance & Standards, Ramada International Hotels & Resorts

You can read John’s speech notes here: Ramada-Hotels

The above format works well as the ideas are generated by the delegates themselves. John’s opening keynote gives delegates permission to be proactive and think creatively – so he is simply the catalyst, collater and enforcer!

If you’d like John to run a multi-phase event to encourage your staff to adopt his “Restless Curiosity” mindset – to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – please call him to discuss your event!

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