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Keynote Case Study 1: Lloyds TSB

This event was the origin of the “Restless Curiosity” theme that now runs through all of John’s Keynotes.

Client: Lloyds TSB (as known at the time)
Event: 10 x Management Training Days
Audience: 800 senior managers from across the Lloyds TSB business. Each event was attended by approximately 80 delegates.
Venue: Lloyds TSB Group Management Centre, Solihull
Brief: To deliver 5 x 90 minute seminar/workshops on creativity and innovation, reflecting the Group’s key Leadership Capability – “Restless Curiosity”. John worked closely with the training department to design a suitable programme in keeping with the theme. Originally planned for only 5 days with top level senior management, it was so successful that it was rolled out to include the next manangement tier for a subsequent 5 days.
Feedback: The following comments were received from course delegates:

“Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent presentation at yesterday’s LTSB Management workshop. I found your delivery style and approach very refreshing, and thoroughly enjoyed the session.”  Geoff Mifflin, Manager, CCSU, LTSB Asset Finance Division

“John, Thanks for a great presentation last week – to keep people’s interest for 1¾ hours is pretty skilful! There is quite a bit of your presentation that I would like to revisit, would you please send it to me so that I can read it again.”
Hector Young, Smartsourcing Manager, Lloyds TSB Bank plc

“Hi John: Firstly can I thank you for a terrific presentation last Friday. I find it really valuable to get an external perspective and relate this to the work I do with LTSB. It’s refreshing to think there are a number of small changes anyone can make that could have a big impact in the job they do.”  Chris McNeill, Customer Development Manager, LTSB

“John: Firstly let me start by saying how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Lloyds TSB Leadership Development Week. It was both thought provoking and entertaining. I was also wondering if it is possible to have a copy of your slides.”  Tracey Williamson, Regulated Sales Development Manager, LTSB


If you’d like John to encourage your staff to adopt his “Restless Curiosity” mindset – to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – please call him to discuss your event!

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