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After-Dinner Case Studies: The Professional Institute Annual Dinner

CaseStudy 1
Client: The Insurance Institute of Exeter
Event: Annual Dinner
Venue: Exeter University
Audience: 200 Insurance professionals and guests
Brief: After-dinner speech in response to the “Toast to the Guests”
Feedback: “Thank you for your excellent entertainment of the 200 members and guests at our annual dinner. A good speaker treats the audience as friends in his living room, and that was just how it seemed last night.
Although it was your third visit to us (and those of us who have ‘experienced’ you before thought we knew what to expect) I think it is right to say that you excelled and surpassed the previous two occasions.”  Nigel Hook, Secretary, The Insurance Institute of Exeter

Case Study 2
Client: Chartered Institute of Taxation, Yorkshire
Event: Annual Dinner
Venue: Leeds Hilton
Audience: 200 Accountants, Tax professionals and Guests
Brief: To respond on behalf of the guests to the “Toast to the Guests”
Feedback: from audience member to Branch Chairman: “Finally, the after dinner speaker was one of the best I can remember at the dinner. What I liked, apart from his relaxed attitude and phenomenal memory was the fact that he had done some homework to make his talk relevant to his audience. Too many speakers do not do that.” Jim Greenwood. (John: Bearing in mind Jim has been to every dinner for the last 20 odd years his praise must mean you were excellent! Regards Billy)
Billy Moffat, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Taxation, Yorkshire

Case Study 3
Client: CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers)
Event: 2014 CIBSE South Wales Annual Dinner
Venue: Cardiff Marriott
Audience: 250 – consisting of Engineering firms, contractors and specifiers (architects, surveyors and related professions)
Brief: to deliver an entertaining after-dinner speech to round off the dinner
Feedback:  “Hi John, trust you are well and over the excitement of a visit to Cardiff! On behalf of the Chairman, committee and assembled guests I’d like to thank you for your excellent contribution to our event, they were the quietest and most attentive for many a year.
So many people spoke with me later, amazed at your knowledge of the personalities in the region, and with such short notice, and no notes – as was I.  Many thanks again, and I will recommend you to fellow secretaries whenever the opportunity arises.”
Neil Oliver, Hon Dinner Secretary, CIBSE South Wales Region

and from note to booking Agent: “As our speaker last year, John Simonett was so well received, one of the options we are considering is to invite him back again this year….
(Stop Press: “JS – The Return” Now confirmed for 2015!)

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