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Company Conference After-dinner Case Studies

John’s combination of research, homework and ability to “blend in” with an audience using humour, warmth and wit has made him a great hit on the corporate after-dinner circuit!

Case Study 1:
Client: Ageas (formerly Fortis Insurance)
Event: Senior Management conference
Venue: Chewton Glen Hotel, Hampshire
Audience: 150 senior managers from across the Ageas portfolio of insurance services
Brief: to deliver an entertaining after-dinner speech – with a business focus
Feedback: “Many thanks for your contribution to our senior management conference over the last two days. The team very much appreciated your humour and amazing memory – and the key messages certainly stimulated thought and discussion. Your contribution was much appreciated.”
Lyn Nicholls, HR Director, Fortis UK

Case Study 2:
Client: BOCM Pauls (suppliers of animal feed to the farming industry)
Event: National conference
Venue: The Forest of Arden Hotel, Warwickshire
Audience: 200 business owners and suppliers in the egg and poultry sector.
Brief: to deliver an entertaining after-dinner speech
Feedback: (to booking agent) “John was exceptionally good the other evening. He requested an extensive brief on the audience and the industry at large. His grasp of that brief and his recall never ceases to amaze me. The dinner was the first of its type in this particular conference and it was important therefore to ensure that all went well. We went for John as he is not only a safe pair of hands (we used him before at the Belfry as well) but can also connect with his audience really well. There is no doubt John helped to get our two day conference off to a great start.”
John Cessford, Marketing Manager, BOCM Pauls

Case Study 3
Client: Axa Direct Commercial
Event: National Sales Conference
Venue: Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire
Audience: 106 sales and marketing managers and employees
Brief: to deliver an entertaining post-conference after-dinner speech
Feedback:  “Thank you for a fabulous performance at our Sales Conference. You are the best “after-dinner speaker” I have seen (and I’ve seen a lot). You combined humour, memory and audience observation, delivered in a most articulate and impressive way. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. We ask for feedback on the conference from all attendees, and having trawled through all 106 returns today I can confirm that my own praise is fully supported by the comments from my sales teams. Thank you again for an excellent evening.”
Ken Donaldson, National Sales Manager AXA Direct Commercial

Case Study 4
Client: Fiat Group Automobiles
Event: Future Leader Training course
Venue: Beaumont Estate Hotel and Conference Centre, Windsor
Audience size:  20
Brief: (from client) “… a speaker for a dinner and presentation evening for a group of future leaders who were completing a year long, high-profile managerial course. Someone that would be able to entertain and engage the group, and able to achieve that with a relatively small number of just 20…”
Feedback:  “John was able to use his experiences and business knowledge in an engaging manner that was perfect for our event. John exceeded our expectations in terms of his ability to personalise his speech to our audience. They were wholeheartedly impressed by his feats of memory and he had the group in raptures of laughter from the start. Our evening was a great success and we believe our objective in providing an inspiring and funny speaker was more than fulfilled. We will not hesitate in calling on John again for our next event, he has a warmth, charm and great delivery style that is a valuable commodity.”
Andy Rowe, Training Director, Fiat Group Automobiles

If you’d like John to entertain your colleagues and staff after-dinner – with a business focus – please call him to discuss your event!

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