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Welcome to my Blog!

12 January, 2015

Welcome to my Blog!

I shall be writing about things I have learnt from experience – offering insights into the world of a professional speaker, and anything else that interests me – and hopefully you, dear reader!

For example…

1) Presentation Skills – often learnt the hard way from many years “on the circuit”, I will be writing about what I feel is the best way to prepare, deliver and communicate effectively. There will be tips on learning your speech – coping with nerves – engaging your audience – dealing with technology (is PowerPoint evil?) – and learning points from observing other exponents of the spoken word: speakers, actors, comedians, TED talkers, newsreaders and commentators!

2) Creativity, Innovation, Curiosity and Lateral Thinking: I am passionate about new ideas, coping with change, doing things differently and “possibility thinking”.  My bookshelves groan with books on all of these topics and I strive to keep abreast of all the latest research into how we can make use of these concepts in our business and personal lives.

3) Memory: as I have developed a reputation as a “memory man” I will impart some of the techniques I use to remember names (up to 100!), facts and figures and other information ….  much of which is based on techniques developed by the Romans and Ancient Greeks!

4) Tales from the Road: the life of a professional speaker is rich and varied – and fraught with pitfalls! I shall be writing about some of the experiences I have had,  the venues and countries I have visited and the triumphs and disasters that have befallen me! (Fortunately – the former outnumber the latter!)

5) Humour: I am fascinated by the structure of comedy – what makes a good joke – and the factors that go into creating “entertainment”. Fred McCaulay once said that success as comedian is down to three elements: material, stage presence and “likeability”. While I am not a comedian – humour is an essential part of any speaker’s armoury so there is plenty of scope for discussion and analysis there!

6) The pychology of success: why are some people more successful than others? What is “success”? What can we learn from great achievers in sport, business and public life?

7) Fitness, exercise, diet and nutrition: as an ex sportsman these areas continue to be of great interest – especially as the passage of time means that controlling one’s weight becomes of greater importance! I constantly read, study and absorb all the latest research and best practice from other bloggers and writers in these areas. I will pass on their advice to save you having to do the research yourself!

8) Sport: Although I am rugby player (yes I still play– after a fashion!) I will be writing about the lessons we can learn from successful sportsmen and women – and not just rugby players!

Plus – anything else that takes my fancy!

So as you can see there is plenty to write about!  I hope you will sign up to receive my updates – and I look forward to seeing your comments – and engaging in a dialogue with you!

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