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Are you a bland tweeter?

30 May, 2015

Bland tweets can be boring – it’s nice to follow people who have opinions and are not afraid of stating them – even if they go against perceived wisdom. I always enjoy people who are controversial and stir up debate!

I remember Brian Moore once saying that you should “tweet aggressively”! While this may not suit everyone – it’s certainly in keeping with his “Pitbull” nickname from his England Rugby days! As a result he could be never be accused of being boring! For this reason I also like following Katie Hopkins’s tweets! As a social commentator she has no “filter” and often stirs up great animosity – though is often “on the money” with some of her opinions! I find the outrage against her views almost as funny as her mischievous tweets – surely people know they are being “wound up”?

Have a look at the tweets in their time lines and see what I mean! If you like controversy …  follow them!

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