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Category: “Tales from the Road”

Churchill, Thatcher, The Dalai Lama, Col Gadaffi, Archbishop Tutu, Dame Edna … & John Simonett!

24 February, 2015

Being asked to speak to an audience who have previously seen and heard “celebrity” speakers (or just very good ones!) can be daunting.  In the trade it is called “following” another speaker. The list of names in the title of this post are not often seen together! So what have they got in common? A: …

The Corporate “Impostor”!

18 February, 2015

This post is extracted from my “Keynote Case Studies“. John’s opening remarks to a Keynote have often been delivered “incognito” – either in the guise of an “expert” – or a high ranking bureaucrat connected to the industry represented at a conference! With a persona and script carefully worked out beforehand with the organisers –…

Coping with blizzards, failed heating and a no show speaker

17 February, 2015

A few years ago I was booked to speak on creative thinking to open a conference for Primary School Head Teachers being held in a very smart Country Club – in rural Essex!