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John Simonett delivers high energy keynote speeches which are informative, insightful and highly entertaining. His engaging humorous style has enlivened many a conference audience, whether as a wake-up call to begin the day, as an energiser in the “graveyard” slot after lunch, or to close the day on a high!

Under the umbrella title “Restless Curiosity” his keynotes are designed to be a provocative wake-up call for delegates to question traditional thinking and take more responsibility for finding new and better ways of working.

“John ensured the conference got off to an incredible start with a presentation that had the 200 delegates spellbound, fascinated and crying with laughter. Feedback was brilliant and many will be using some of his techniques in their own training roles. This is a hard act to follow!” Peter Fry, Chief Executive, CCTV User Group

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Restless Curiosity and the Effective Manger: North Lanarkshire Council

Client Feedback from in-house magazine:

Restless Curiosity  NLC0001

The origins of the term “Restless Curiosity” lie in a series of seminars John was asked to lead under that title for senior managers across the LloydsTSB business (as known at the time), focussing on Creativity and Innovation. “Restless Curiosity” is essentially a “mindset” identified as a key Group Leadership Capability, to encourage managers to “avoid the complacency of success and actively seek new opportunities for growth” (which is perhaps the best definition of the need for “creativity” in business there is!).

“Thank you for your splendid contribution to the Database Marketing Seminar. The day was just beginning to drift into that familiar conference tedium when you stepped out to smack the audience between the eyes – it transformed the day. The whole lunchtime atmosphere bubbled when it could have been quiet”.
Russell Logan, Conference Chairman, British Direct Marketing Association


Opening keynote on “Restless Curiosity” at the Travel Business Conference 2014

Live tweets from the organiser during my talk at TBTC2014:
@thebiztravmag ‏Off to a lively start with @JohnSimonett on the theme of ‘restless curiosity’. #tbtc14

@thebiztravmag A few clever mind games being played on us here by @JohnSimonett who warns us that our brains are primed to deceive us! #tbtc14

@thebiztravmag Our cognitive biases are dangerous things, warns @JohnSimonett who’s proved that very adeptly with a series of optical illusions! #tbtc14

@thebiztravmag: Avoid ‘complacency of success’: adopt, adapt and improve. It’s not necessarily about new ideas said John Simonett in his keynote. #tbtc14

John cleverly combines the latest information from neuroscience and psychology with real-world business applications. His message is straightforward and compelling: we can all achieve more by being aware of the brain’s hidden logic and the latent assumptions we tend to make about the world we live and work in. He believes a better understanding of how our brains work can help us all tap into our vast hidden potential to become more creative, effective and successful.

With a highly original down-to-earth approach, John’s style is authoritative yet easy to listen to. His use of humour and showmanship ensures he connects really well with his audiences, without detracting from the power of his message. He is able to work to a brief and tailor his message to fit in with a conference theme and ensure his speeches deliver strong “take home” value. No two talks are ever the same!

“Thank you for an excellent talk. Everyone was “captivated” by you – both your pre-speech tour round the tables and your presentation. People were buzzing about your talk for 24 hours (and still are!). I have recommended you for our other management conference as I want them to hear the same messages.” Stephen Reynolds, Director of Service Improvement, MHA Care Homes

You can check out the original LloydsTSB Case Study – and the many other ways John has adapted his keynote for different audiences in his Keynote Case Studies.

If you’d like John to encourage your delegates to adopt his “Restless Curiosity” mindset – to “think differently” and find a better way to do what they do – please call him to discuss your event!

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Footnote: John often fills the speaking slot allocated to a “motivational speaker”… but is wary of the term as it can often be misinterpreted. While his talks are intended to be interesting, informative and motivating … he normally prefers to be referred to simply as a “Keynote Speaker”. To find out why – read his Blog article “Why Hire a Motivational Speaker?

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