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After-dinner Speaking

As a corporate after-dinner speaker John’s main objective is to deliver speeches that are businesslike – yet funny and entertaining!

He specialises in the “tailored” presentation, and is able to work to a brief to personalise his delivery. He is not a “comedian” but prides himself in the use of humour to deliver an intelligent, thought provoking speech, with a business focus.

Thus (if appropriate) he can incorporate conference themes, knowing that a serious message can be made more memorable if combined with humour, warmth and wit. His ability to make his remarks appropriate to the occasion has earned him an enviable reputation at conferences, annual dinners and awards ceremonies all over the UK and abroad.

John also has a phenomenal, trained memory and uses this to telling effect. He does his “homework” for each event and has developed a reputation for learning many names, faces and facts which he skilfully weaves into his delivery! In fact the more “inside “knowledge” he can acquire about an organisation’s people, products and philosophy the better!

An eloquent, articulate speaker, John’s professionalism, attention to detail and many years experience provides organisers with the reassurance that what is often the most important part of an event is in “safe hands”.

“It is a great comfort to an event organiser to know that they can rely absolutely on an after-dinner speaker, and you met our expectations to the full. Everyone to whom I have spoken on the subject was greatly impressed and amused, and you clearly hit just the right note”
Peter J. Maskell, Chief Executive, British Health Care Association

A MetLife.Ritz.Jul12

After-dinner speech for MetLife, The Ritz

 If you’d like John to entertain your guests, customers or colleagues after-dinner – with a business focus – please call him to discuss your event!

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(To read John’s views on the difference between an After-dinner speaker and a “comedian” – see his Blog article: “After-dinner Speaker or Comedian?“)

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