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Hosting a Conference: Pt. 3 – Showtime!

31 July, 2015

The pre-event prep is done … the intros written …the agenda learnt – now to


Hosting a conference: Pt. 2 – the Toolkit!

31 July, 2015

In my previous post I looked at some of the considerations that go into my pre-event planning for hosting a conference. Before looking at the event itself there is another consideration – the equipment necessary to make the job easier! So here is a list of the essential equipment I always have with me: a)…

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Hosting a conference: Pt. 1 – Pre-event Prep

29 July, 2015

As discussed in a previous post a conference host is often thought of as someone employed simply to “run the show” – introduce speakers and keep the event to time. This is a very short sighted view as a host with a truly professional outlook can offer so much more by becoming totally immersed in…


What makes a good conference host?

30 June, 2015

In my previous post I discussed the different types of event that require a “host” – and the terminology that the role involves. Here are some considerations as to what makes a good conference host! 1) Presence: A simple word – with many manifestations! Yet we all know when we meet someone who has “presence”!…


On being a conference host

30 June, 2015

As well as my work as an after-dinner speaker and keynote speaker, I have increasingly been asked to transfer my audience management skills to hosting conferences and other events. This is a job which goes far beyond “announcing names” – if you are going to do it properly! In the next few posts I will…


Are you a bland tweeter?

30 May, 2015

Bland tweets can be boring – it’s nice to follow people who have opinions and are not afraid of stating them – even if they go against perceived wisdom. I always enjoy people who are controversial and stir up debate! I remember Brian Moore once saying that you should “tweet aggressively”! While this may not…


Why Twitter?

30 April, 2015

Twitter for Business: Being 10 compelling reasons you’re twit not to tweet … ! This post is aimed mainly at people in business (either self-employed – or employees of an organisation) who have yet to be convinced that Twitter has any business benefits – as I am always meeting people who just do not get…


“Twitter is rubbish…”

28 April, 2015

The sentiment in the title of this post is one I frequently hear – not only from those who consider themselves “Luddite technophobes” – but (surprisingly) also from those who are computer literate, I.T. savvy and “well informed”! When people rubbish Twitter as being “not for them” … it immediately tells me something about their…


Tales from the Road: Awkward Audiences?

31 March, 2015

Note the question mark! Inevitably – no matter how many times you go down well as a speaker – there are times when you feel “it could have gone better”! Happily such occasions are rare …¬† and complete disasters even rarer! The phrase “tough crowd” is sometimes used by a speaker or comedian to lay…


Tales from the Road: Awkward Venues! Pt. 3

31 March, 2015

In this final part of my series of blogs on speaking in “awkward venues” I will be looking at some of the more unusual challenges I have had to deal with as a speaker – despite the events being held in what are otherwise beautiful, historic¬† locations! 1) The SS Great Britain: It may seem…